Special Education Advising

Special Education AdvisingNavigating the special education world can be confusing, especially when a child has special needs in the area of behavior. Often in schools, negative behavior is viewed as a set of actions that need to be corrected. Sometimes parents, families and/or teachers don't know or don't understand the origins of the behavior. It is clear, however, that negative behaviors, once they start to affect the learning process, can hamper progress toward independence and employability. At Eightfold Counseling we know that all behavior is communication. We also know that children with behavioral challenges struggle to learn until this communication is recognized, addressed and the underlying causes are healed. As part of the Special Education Advising service, in addition to being a member of the IEP at your discretion, your therapist will encourage your child to explore these underlying causes of negative behavior and aid in discovering alternate behaviors increase engagement in school and management of unproductive behaviors.