Parent Coaching

Parent CoachingParents can become worn out by disruptive behavior in the home. They may try many, many different strategies only to see the behavior remain or worsen. Some parents find themselves throwing up their hands in defeat or implementing consequences so severe it causes the child to disconnect, become apathetic and potentially increase the disruptive behavior. Though bringing the child to participate in individual counseling is helpful, often parents need to expand their bag of tricks to use in the home between appointments. When children take control of the household with their behaviors, parents must regain control in a way that elicits lasting behavior change. Behavior change is not a one-size-fits-all process. We at Eightfold Counseling believe behavior change comes from a 360 approach: individual, parents, teacher/school, friend group, siblings, etc. with parental action being the most influential change agent. While your child grows in individual counseling, parents can learn new, individualized methods to produce behavioral results which lead to a more peaceful home and ultimately a happier child.