Family Counseling

Family CounselingAll families are perfectly imperfect. As much as we strive to maintain a positive environment, open communication and affection for family members, it can be tough. Often children and adolescents exhibit negative or abnormal behaviors to communicate discomfort with their environment. As family members, we can miss these messages and address the issue through action/consequence discipline. As these behaviors continue, uncorrected, the family structure can become unbalanced, confusing and ineffective. While it is difficult to admit that your family dynamics are strained or dysfunctional, keeping the peace of the home is our number one priority. At Eightfold Counseling, we recognize that each family member's voice is important in discovering how to improve dynamics and functioning. Whether it's children's challenging behaviors or parents' struggle to operate as a united front, Eightfold Counseling believes in a holistic approach to working with families including family group therapy, couples' sessions, children's group session and in-home family sessions.