About Eightfold Counseling

Founded in 2018, Eightfold Counseling was established to work with children and families who are looking for a different approach to individual and family counseling. We believe all children have the ability to discover and realize their potential and all homes can be peaceful places to grow that potential. Changing behaviors alone can be a short-term fix for a long-term concern. By helping kids and families get curious about their core beliefs, values, structures, habits and world-view, we can connect and grow a positive foundation on which the whole family can establish healthy and productive beliefs and behaviors.

ALEX BEEKMAN, MEd, LPC is a graduate of Wittenberg University (BA Education) and the University of Dayton (MEd Clinical Counseling). He is in his 18th year as an educator focusing on mental health and behavior with students K-12 in the public schools. As a mental health clinician, Alex specializes in counseling children, adolescents and families who are struggling to maintain positive behaviors both at school and at home. Alex uses an integrated, holistic approach to address the overall wellness of families as well as targeting specific issues within the family system.